Modern Hebrew is a vivid language, living & evolving within its unique cultural context.  We believe that Hebrew should be taught in relation to its social and cultural texture. Our goal is to help you get acquainted with the Israeli experience, using a unique teaching method and authentic materials Therefore we offer an interactive Hebrew course in an intimate atmosphere, where each lesson is dedicated to a different subject, all related to Israeli culture, politics, society in everyday life.


TEXTURA - Hebrew workshop is the brain child of linguist Shai Leifer and designer Aner Shevah, young couple from Tel-Aviv. Textura is a modern Ulpan for advanced Hebrew students (at least Bet level -equivalent of B1) that are looking for more than the average Hebrew school. Textura class is taking place besides to Aner's hat workshop in the heart of Tel-Aviv (Yehuda Halevi and Allenby st) in a crafty & designed atmosphere.

Shai Leifer is a Hebrew teacher for the past ten years. She taught in the Hebrew University, in Parisian high schools (Louis le Grand, Charlemagne) and in private Hebrew schools (Ulpanim). Since 2014, Shai has worked as the pedagogical director of Oulpan Lavi - Paris, and director of Ulpan Makan in Jerusalem since 2016.

She studied linguistics in the Hebrew University, specializing in Hebrew and Jewish languages. She then has continued to her Masters in international educational science in the university Paris Descartes (La Sorbonne). 

Aner Shevah is a head-wear & fashion designer. graduate of Bezalel Academy of arts & design Jerusalem with professional experience working in the industry in TLV and Paris. today he is the director of aner5777 brand and a design professor in Bezalel. for more info 

TEXTURA school is working in collaboration with Yossi Cohen, engineer passionate about education and technology. He has founded Oulpan Lavi in Paris and



43 Yehuda Halevi St 



 Sun - Thur :

10am - 8pm


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